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Toronto Wind Coop Windmill     This is one of two windmills erected by
    Windshare and the Toronto Renewable
    Energy Co-operative in Toronto, Ontario,
    Canada.  This mill went up between December
    16 and 18, 2002.  It is located at Exhibition
    Place, Toronto, just off Lakeshore Drive across
    from Ontario Place on the shore of Lake Ontario. 

    The TREC Windshare turbine at Exhibition
    Place began generating electricity Thursday,
    January 23, 2003 at about noon - the culmination
    of more than 5 years' work.  By 9 p.m., the
    first megawatt hour of electricity had been fed
    into the Toronto Hydro grid.

    Co-operatively owned, and fully financed
    by the sale of shares to individuals and
    organizations, dividends will flow to co-op
    members as a proportionate share of the net
    proceeds of the sale of the power to Toronto Hydro.

    TREC continues to press for the right to deliver
     its power directly to its members – something
    that the “opening of the market” should have
    enabled, and which is a central featureof the
    TREC co-op model.

    The mill is 91 metres high (the hub is 65 metres).
    It maximum power output is rated at 750 kW,
    and it's estimated to produce 1400 MW/h
    per year of electrical power. 
    Windshare’s web address is www.windshare.ca